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The Road to Bloemfontein

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Dispatches from the road:

“Today we are even connecting further. It’s amazing what seclusion does. You were absolutely right about making friends for life…”

“Today I achieved another milestone. It was the first day I walked on gravel for 15 km. Feet are getting used to the everyday walking. Tomorrow is another day. I keep on walking to afford someone a better future. It is worth it.”

“Today I have not picture or quote to share with you. Each day I realise how much impact walking is having on me. I have realised that as much as I am doing this to help someone have a better future, I am also helping myself have a better future. The thoughts and ideas and talks I have had so far have already shaken me. Afoota continua.”

“Today is a rest day. We are invited for lunch at the University of the Free State.”

“The rest day ends with a game of scrabble. Tomorrow we soldier on.”

“Day 8. Completion is no longer a concern.”



By murray, 8th December 2016
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